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Zack Ryder undergoing surgery for knee injury


Zack Ryder's MRI report ended up being bad news as it revealed he's in need of surgery and is currently in Birmingham, AL, today for a knee operation.

Ryder was injured on Tuesday night in Washington, DC, while participating in a battle royal that he ended up winning. It was to establish the Hype Bros, Ryder & Mojo Rawley, as the number one contenders to SmackDown tag team champions The Wyatt Family.

The spot of the injury wasn't clear but he was moving around fine the entire match, and in the final move, after flipping Konnor of The Ascension over the top rope and winning, you could see extreme pain come over his face. Mojo Rawley first came out to celebrate the win, but saw Ryder and could see he was hurt. Ryder had to be helped backstage, which was edited off the show because it was a rare taped episode of SmackDown. He was on crutches later that night.

There is no word yet on the nature of his surgery, as minor surgery could have a relatively quick turnaround, but major surgery would likely keep him out for six to eight months.