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WWE's Jimmy Uso called police officer an 'a**hole' during July 2021 DUI arrest

Uso would later plead no contest to the charge.

Footage from Jimmy Uso's arrest for DUI in July shows him calling a police officer an "a**hole." 

Uso was arrested and charged with DUI in Pensacola, Florida on July 5, 2021. Police allege the 36-year-old ran a red light and was driving 50mph in a 35mph zone. Subsequent breathalyzer tests came back at .202 and .205 with the legal limit being 0.08. 

In footage of his arrest obtained by TMZ, Uso appears to take offense after an officer expressed they hope he passes a field sobriety test. 

"Are you serious? Why would you say that?" Uso asks the officer in the video. 

"I don't want you to be DUI, that's the last thing I want," the officer responded. 

"You're an a***hole," Uso said later to the officer. "You're the one that's worse. You had a remark -- you made a remark you shouldn't have did."

"I think you misunderstood. So, I'm sorry. I was actually being nice. But, I'm sorry," the officer responded. 

According to court documents, Uso later pleaded no contest to the charges. According to TMZ, he was required to take "several courses related to the incident" which were completed over the last month.