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Figure Four Weekly 10/10/2016: New details emerge in WWE concussion lawsuit filing


On Friday (October 7th), WWE filed a reply in support of their motion to dismiss Vito LoGrasso and Evan Singleton's concussion-focused lawsuit. In terms of new information, the most newsworthy passages concern the deposition of Vince McMahon, which has otherwise been sealed from public view.

Specifically, McMahon's deposition is cited with regards to the plaintiffs' claims that Chris Nowinski was researching concussions for WWE when he was writing his book while doing voter registration work for the company. In a previous motion, the plaintiffs claimed that "WWE knew prior to September 2006 that its employee Chris Nowinski he [sic] was researching the risks of long-term neurological issues and CTE with repeated concussions in the years leading up [to] the publishing of his book" plus "Linda McMahon, CEO of WWE at the time, and Nowinski had a conversation about Nowinski's research." WWE points out, with a citation, that this cites "the same four lines of Mr. McMahon's deposition testimony are cited as the sole basis for both of these assertions."

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