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Figure Four Weekly 10/16/2017: Looking at Neville's potential post-WWE life


While Neville's situation with WWE remains unresolved a week after news broke that he wanted out of the company, his potential entrance into the global pro wrestling landscape would provide the most interesting test case yet of how successful someone could be outside of WWE in this era.

Neville being unhappy isn't an isolated incident. It was only a few months ago that Austin Aries, another member of the cruiserweight division, was released after not being satisfied with his place in WWE. And Cody Rhodes has written the blueprint on how to handle life in pro wrestling in his time since leaving the company.

What level of success Aries will have remains to be seen, but he tweeted that he'll be making more money in his first six weeks back on the indies than he did in his last four months working for WWE. Similarly, Cody has said that his time away from the promotion has been more financially lucrative for him.

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