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Figure Four Weekly 10/24/2016: Deregulation of pro wrestling in Arizona


In Arizona, deregulation of professional wrestling wasn't a pressing matter by any stretch when the topic was first broached in 1981. There was no major promotion running in the state and little to no full time work, with only one licensed promoter, who was running shows weekly in Phoenix. But when the state's Office of the Auditor General decided to do a performance audit of the State Athletic Commission, it was one of the topics on the agenda along with improved compliance by licensees, better boxing safety regulations, and complying with the guidelines for how frequently there should be commission meetings.

The performance audit summed up its findings on pro wrestling like this:

"Further, our review found that the Commission has not complied with all statutory requirements dealing with professional wrestling. However, the results of these noncompliances do not threaten the health, safety and welfare of the public or participants. Deregulation of professional wrestling could occur without endangering the health and safety of the public or participants."

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