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Figure Four Weekly 11/17/2016: More on Buddy Rose


During his time splitting time between the Portland and San Francisco territories, Buddy Rose continued to make trouble with the California State Athletic Commission throughout 1978 and 1979. For some reason, all of the incidents appear to have taken place in San Jose, like the one discussed last week where he was being penalized for a ref bump. Below is the assigned inspector Jim Robertson's letter to the commission about the ref bump match. While he gives a different date in every space where it's mentioned, it appears to be the same incident with the wrong date given:


[To] James Baiz[,]

October 17, 1978 Wrestling Show at San Jose

On October 17th, 1978 I attended the wrestling exhibition held in the Convention Center at San Jose. On arrival I met with John Swenskl the promoter. Mr. Swenskl explained that

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