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Figure Four Weekly 11/20/2017: Five standouts from Survivor Series weekend


While an overbooked main event on Sunday didn't end things on the best note, Survivor Series weekend mostly lived up to the huge promise it had going in.

NXT put on another excellent TakeOver special, with every match on the card serving its purpose. Even with the changes, War Games was a spectacle that justified WWE bringing back the concept.

And though Survivor Series had a couple low points, nothing from the weekend was better than Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles. Their match alone was enough to make the pay-per-view worth watching.

Both the main roster and NXT will now begin building to their Royal Rumble weekend shows in Philadelphia. Here are five people who did the most over the last few days to improve their position heading into the end of 2017:

AJ Styles: November 2017 should end up being remembered as one of the best months of Styles' career. After winning the WWE Championship in Manchester two weeks ago, Styles had an incredible match against Lesnar at Survivor Series.

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