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Figure Four Weekly 12/12/2016: The Paige/Alberto Del Rio relationship isn't funny anymore


International Wrestling Revolution Group, or IWRG, has been one of Mexico's top independent promotions for over two decades. Yet aside from the period where it was the Mexican home of Ultimo Dragon's students when Toryumon was getting off the ground, the promotion rarely got much international attention aside from hardcore lucha fans who wanted to see wrestlers like Dr. Cerebro who weren't working anywhere else. On Sunday, the IWRG got a whole lot of coverage, but for the wrong reasons.

Alberto El Patron (Jose Alberto Rodriguez) and his fiance, Paige (Saraya-Jade Bevis) were in attendance, sitting in the owner's' box to watch his brother, El Hijo del Dos Caras, work in the main event. During the show, something happened when Paige bumped into IWRG wrestler Tortuga Rafy (as in Ninja Turtle Raphael) in a hallway. Alberto says that Rafy touched Paige inappropriately. Rafy says that he made the mistake of calling her "beautiful" as he let her pass him in the hallway, only for it to get back to Del Rio who went after him. Whichever story is true, it turned into a fistfight with Alberto getting the better of the brawl.

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