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Figure Four Weekly 12/26/2016: Is WWE violent enough?


A couple years ago, I was working on an article for Fighting Spirit Magazine about how lopsided WWE was in terms of having too many babyfaces and not enough heels, as well as the company's heel/face divide in general. One of the people I interviewed for the article was Kevin Sullivan, who spoke at length about how he felt that WWE heels were inherently limited because they couldn't "commit a violent act" due to WWE's "PG" content restrictions. His argument was that "If you go back and look at the heels who drew money, they only connection they have is violence." At the time, I didn't quite get what he was saying, thinking more in terms of blood and brawling, and he shot down examples I cited that I didn't think fit. More recently, it finally clicked with me what he was talking about. Not just in terms of the face/heel divide, but when it comes to WWE in general.

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