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Figure Four Weekly 3/6/2017: Bad booking disappoints at WWE Fastlane


Goldberg is one of WWE's top champions in 2017.

That it was a formality doesn't make the reality of that sentence any less startling. Nearly 20 years after his peak in WCW, and over a decade after his first stint with WWE came to an end, Goldberg is going to main event WrestleMania.

All of that was locked in when Goldberg defeated Kevin Owens to win the WWE Universal Championship at Fastlane. Predictably, the main event was a wrestling match in name only. Goldberg won with a spear and a jackhammer in just over 20 seconds.

The finish came after Owens was distracted by Chris Jericho's music and by his former best friend making his way out to the stage. It was a lame ending that didn't make Owens look great, but it was probably the right one considering the circumstances. If Goldberg had to win the title quickly, protecting Owens as much as possible was an important part of the process.

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