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Figure Four Weekly 5/8/2017: Thinking outside the long talking segment


While it wasn't entirely revolutionary, the two-part "Who is Roderick Strong?" series that aired on NXT television over the past couple of weeks again proved how effective WWE's video profiles can be in getting characters over.

Similar videos have aired in the past (with a series that focused on Finn Balor in NXT standing out as a highlight), but the profiles on Strong may have been the best that WWE has ever done. They made him feel like a fully formed character in a way that he never really has before.

That is owed to Strong's willingness to tell his story to such a sizable audience. The first part was genuinely inspiring as it focused on his childhood. He emotionally recalled growing up with a mother who had a drug problem and a father who had issues with alcohol, including an incident where his mother shot his father during an argument.

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