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Figure Four Weekly 8/21/2017: A weekend in Brooklyn for SummerSlam


As WWE's four-day stretch in Brooklyn began to wrap up, my biggest takeaway from my time in New York City was just how special live wrestling can be.

Being at an event in-person can make a great show like NXT TakeOver seem even better, a marathon like SummerSlam feel less tiresome, and the Raw crowd amusing itself with the wave and playing with beach balls somehow a bit less annoying.

TakeOver was the reason for my trip and ended up being the highlight at the end of it. Due to the nature of it being a quasi-developmental brand, NXT is constantly changing. And while that has led to ups and downs in quality, there's never been anything close to a bad TakeOver special. Being at one live was a genuine bucket-list moment as a wrestling fan.

The quarterly NXT specials have a formula that makes it almost impossible for them to disappoint.

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