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Figure Four Weekly: All In sells out within 30 minutes


For all of the hype and expectations ahead of tickets going on sale, Sunday was going to be when the unknown became known for Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks.

And with tickets for their Labor Day weekend All In show selling out in 29 minutes and 36 seconds, the Bullet Club's success could be a landmark moment for professional wrestling. What began as Cody taking a Dave Meltzer tweet as a bet, where Meltzer responded to someone last May and tweeted that he didn't think ROH could sell out a 10,000-plus seat building anytime soon, has now become the first show in the United States to do so in almost 20 years.

Even as the event grew from the initial tweet, becoming a self-financed mission for Cody and Matt & Nick Jackson, there was no way of knowing for sure how Sunday was going to go. 

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