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Figure Four Weekly: Becky Lynch's contrived heel turn


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After telling a nearly perfect story between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair heading into SummerSlam and at the pay-per-view, it didn't take long for WWE to undo everything that they had seemingly been building up.

WWE followed up on SummerSlam by officially confirming Lynch's heel turn on last week's episode of SmackDown. Lynch cut a promo about her frustrations with Charlotte and having the opportunity to become SmackDown Women's Champion stolen from her, but WWE had Lynch direct her anger at the audience as well. She asked if the fans were really with her the whole time, complained about them not boycotting when Charlotte was added to the SummerSlam title match and them applauding when Charlotte won, and called them a generation of all talk and opinions with no action. Lynch was also positioned as arrogant and delusional, taking exception to the fans not calling her the greatest of all time.

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