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Figure Four Weekly: A look at the connection between Evolution and Crown Jewel


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When WWE returns to Saudi Arabia on November 2, they'll be doing so just five days after their Evolution pay-per-view.

People are always going to link WWE's 10-year deal with Saudi Arabia with how it contradicts the company's "women's evolution" messaging, but Evolution and Crown Jewel taking place on the same week makes them feel even more connected. On the Monday after Evolution, WWE will be hyping the achievement of the women's division at the same time as they're holding the go-home show for an event that women can't participate in.

Cynically, it's easy to view Evolution as a consolation -- or at least a countermeasure -- for the women's division not being able to wrestle at Crown Jewel. WWE's decision to choose money over what's morally right is one that can't be defended or hidden.

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