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Figure Four Weekly: Looking ahead to 2019


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As we enter December, it feels like 2019 has been cemented as an absolutely pivotal year for the immediate future of professional wrestling.

The global arms race for talent continued this past week. It was confirmed that WALTER, who is legitimately one of the best wrestlers in the world, has signed with WWE. He's been signed for NXT's United Kingdom brand and could play a part in the potential NXT Germany. WWE has also instituted new restrictions on their UK contracts, signing their top wrestlers to new deals with raises but only allowing them to work for WWE and promotions that are partnered with WWE.

When a wrestler signs with WWE, speculation inevitably turns to how they'll fare on the main roster. Fans start to speculate about fresh matches for the new addition. But despite being one of the top wrestlers in the world, the goal may not be for WALTER to reach the main roster.

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