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Figure Four Weekly: Recapping WWE Stomping Grounds


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After a lack of interest heading into the pay-per-view, Stomping Grounds was a show that exceeded expectations.

Given that there weren't really any surprises at the PPV, that's probably mostly due to expectations being set too low. Nothing on the show was dramatically better than it should have been. The PPV succeeded where most good WWE shows do. Even if the build was underwhelming, a talented roster was able to go out to the ring and have good matches throughout much of the card.

The biggest weakness of Stomping Grounds wasn't a surprise either. It lacked a high-level main event, with the latter half of the card failing to capitalize on the momentum that had been building since the pre-show.

Drew Gulak won the Cruiserweight Championship before the main card got underway, defeating Tony Nese and Akira Tozawa in a triple threat match.

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