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Figure Four Weekly: WWE introduces Wild Card rule


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Coming off of an underwhelming first quarter financial report and a week of record-low ratings, this Monday's Raw offered WWE the chance to show they understand how to fix the problem.

WWE did acknowledge that the problem exists. Hoping to help out the ratings and counter two NBA playoff games, WWE hyped that SmackDown's Roman Reigns would be appearing on Raw. His appearance was made apparent but not actually officially announced in advance, with WWE playing up that Reigns was defying a statement they put out claiming that he couldn't be on the show due to his obligations as a SmackDown wrestler.

With SmackDown's Monday night house show in Corbin, Kentucky being postponed to October, Reigns wasn't the only SmackDown talent on this week's Raw. WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan also took part in the opening segment with Reigns and Vince McMahon, and Kingston retained his title against Bryan in the main event.

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