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April 1, 2019 Observer Newsletter: Women to main event Wrestlemania 35, Conor McGregor allegations, more


The New York Times reported on 3/26 that Conor McGregor is under investigation for a sexual assault that took place in Dublin in December.

The Times reported that four people familiar with the investigation have confirmed rumors that were somewhat well known within the sports world and among people in Dublin, but couldn't be reported because Irish laws do not allow identifying individuals charged with rape until there is a conviction.

The story said McGregor was arrested in January, questioned at the time, and was then released.

There were news reports in Ireland in both December and January, with the Irish Mirror reporting a famous sports star was accused of a sexual assault in a Dublin Hotel on 12/10. Police confirmed a complaint of rape was made by a woman in an early hours incident. In January, there were reports of a well-known sports star who was arrested no such a charge and that when talking to police, admitted to the sex but said it was consensual sex.

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