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April 10, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Wrestlemania 16 reviewed, NBC buys into the XFL, more


Wrestlemania XVI, the first Wrestlemania that seemed to take on almost Super Bowl or Final Four level proportions as an American institution, turned out like many Super Bowls, with a flat crowd, a been there, done that main event finish ending a disappointing match, and with the exception of a ladder match, which was an amazing stunt show, it was probably not as good as an average episode of Raw.

The show ended with Hunter Hearst Helmsley retaining the title when Vince McMahon, instead of Mick Foley, was the one to make the heel turn screwing The Rock at the end. The ending came off too reminiscent of a WCW NWO reprise ending a Nitro as opposed to a finish of the biggest show in the history of the industry. The finish had been built up all day, when, during the pre-game show, the attempt was made to focus the success and history of the WWF on the McMahon family as opposed to the wrestlers, as the old style version of fans' mythology would have believed it to be.

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