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April 14, 2003 Observer Newsletter: Kurt Angle neck surgery


Kurt Angle made the decision to go with the minimally invasive surgery techniques of Dr. Hae-Dong Jho, with an operation for his damaged neck scheduled on 4/11 in Pittsburgh.

The decision had been one of considerable controversy because it was contradictory to the diagnosis of Dr. Lloyd Youngblood, who had been the company’s go-to guy for wrestlers with neck problems. Youngblood had recommended that Angle retire, while Jho said Angle could be back in action in four to six weeks, although internally the expectations are that he won’t be back quite that quickly. No exact time frame estimate for his return can be accurately assessed until after the surgery.

Angle met with Jho again after Wrestlemania, and was leaning toward him until making the final decision a day or two later. In an article on the company’s web site, Angle cited the fact that after taking a year off for surgery from Youngblood, that a few years later, Steve Austin is in need of another neck fusion surgery.

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