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April 19, 2021 Observer Newsletter: WrestleMania 37 review, WWE releases


The two days of WrestleMania, the first U.S. shows during the pandemic with a sizable audience, were shows with hard working wrestlers and very questionable decision-making.

The big surprise was that of the 17 matches, ten were won by the supposed heels (the concept of faces and heels is not particularly strong but this was based on designations going into the matches). There was the feeling that the first shows with live crowds would be presented as a major celebration, particularly now when booking and building the next house are no longer important with all the money guaranteed. But instead of a celebration, the weekend ended with the company having, in theory, eight heel champions and one babyface, Bianca Belair, who ended night one winning the title in the main event. One could argue Rhea Ripley was a face in the end and while the heel in the build, was presented as a face coming out of her title win over Asuka for the Raw women’s championship.

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