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April 24, 2018 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: The death of Bruno Sammartino


On the stage known as pro wrestling, Bruno Sammartino was the ultimate hero. In a world of black and white, both in how things were often viewed and the television sets he appeared on when he first became a legend, he was the ethnic John Wayne for two generations in the Northeast, where he will always be the most beloved wrestling star of them all.

Off the stage, some would say he was the ultimate hero, but I don’t think he would think that moniker would fit. He was always in amazement, as when he thought he was leaving pro wrestling in 1981 (he did come back from 1985 to 1987, but wished he never did), he figured after a few years, everyone would forget him. In a business that picks and chooses its history, Sammartino was remembered strongly by fans that grew up with him, but his ties to the newer generation were minimal. 

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