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April 27, 2020 Observer Newsletter: WWE schedule changes, layoffs, and quarterly financials


Just one week after WWE announced going live at the Performance Center every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Vince McMahon changed his mind again.

A new schedule, not live as often, was released by WWE this past week.

The change was made when both NBC Universal and FOX made it clear to WWE after getting numerous media questions (which neither company answered) that in this pandemic situation they would accept non-live programming despite the contract.

The new schedule enables WWE to save money by doing multiple shows with the same flights in-and-out. Before people would either have to stay in Florida or fly back-and-forth multiple times per week.

The new schedule doesn’t have long enough breaks for the talent that does quarantine themselves for two weeks after working these shows. If they have families and want to quarantine themselves afterwards, they wouldn’t be able to see their family before, and still wouldn’t be able to.

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