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April 28, 2003 Observer Newsletter: WWE botches Goldberg debut, death of Ray Mendoza


 used to think there were very few foolproof angles in wrestling. That’s because I didn’t really comprehend the literal meaning of the term “foolproof.”

The truth is, there are none. The introduction of Bill Goldberg to WWE proved that. The key word, again, is “foolproof.” The problem with the word is underestimating just how foolish some people can be.

The role of creative in pro wrestling is to come up with ways and ideas to make fans more interested in seeing the next big wrestling match. It is very rare when something is handed to the promoter like a gift that says, “You can now print money.”

It happens every now and then. Usually it’s during a long-time promotional war that ends, which enables the match fans had thought about and dreamed about (hence the term “dream match”) to happen. The interviews are simple. You just have to go with what the fans are already thinking, hype it a little, and they’ll come because it’s already been hyped, in some cases for years, in their own minds.

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