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April 9, 2019 Observer Newsletter: Massive Wrestlemania weekend preview, more


The biggest money week in pro wrestling history is upon us, with 55 or more live events spread out in New York and New Jersey climaxing with the 35th WrestleMania.

While WWE has not released a gate estimate, this could be the first show in history to top $20 million. Being in the New York market, it is the highest ticket priced WrestleMania in history. The last time they were in MetLife Stadium for WrestleMania, they drew a legitimate crowd of just over 74,000 fans (announced as 80,676) with approximately 68,900 paid. That was a $12.3 million gate in those days. One would expect the real attendance and paid numbers to be similar to that year since the building hasn’t changed size, and that show was also an easy sellout. They’ll probably announce a figure slightly higher than 80,676 to claim a record. The gate, obviously, will be significantly higher.

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