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August 12, 2002 Observer Newsletter: Messiah victim of home invasion attack, more


In what could be one of the sickest and strangest stories in the history of independent pro wrestling, wrestler Messiah, real name William Welch, had his thumb cut off by attackers who also attempted to cut off his penis while at his apartment in Canyon Country, CA on 8/1.

Police had contacted several people within wrestling after the fact. They were investigating Welch's belief that the attack was related to the wrestling industry.

Welch described the incident as two African-Americans, both in their mid-20s and weighing in the range of 230 to 250 pounds coming into his unlocked door. Welch believed they were there to see his roommate, but then they attacked him. Welch provided a description of the assailants detailed enough for police sketches.

According to Gary Yap, the promoter of EPIC, the company Messiah was currently wrestling with after a heated departure from XPW, the 25-year-old Welch told him he was playing video games at 6 p.m. when they came in. 

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