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August 12, 2019 Observer Newsletter: Life and death of Harley Race


Harley Race, who in many ways was the embodiment and face of territorial pro wrestling in the late 70s and was undeniably one of the greatest pro wrestlers to ever walk the Earth, passed away on 8/1 at the age of 76.

Race had been battling lung cancer and the belief was that it was terminal months ago. Ric Flair said as much, but because the family didn’t want that known, Flair later apologized and said he was wrong, even though he was actually correct.

Race held the NWA world heavyweight championship, the top belt recognized in more parts of the world than any other, on eight occasions between 1973 and 1984. Race walked the walk and talked the talk as champion. He looked more like a tough bar fighter, which from all accounts he was, than a television star, or a guy a post-1984 company would build around. He looked much older than he was.

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