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August 14, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WCW turmoil, Hall of Fame candidates, more


The turmoil regarding the future of World Championship Wrestling continues with what apparently is a shake-up leaving Brad Siegel backing Vince Russo in complete control of the company.

At the same time, the losses continue to escalate, with July's losses estimated at $7 million, the most, by far, of any month in the history of a company now on track to lose close to $80 million over the course of this year.

The main stories going around, seem to involve the prospective merger of AOL and Time Warner, and getting the company's losses under control. Rumors are flying everywhere that the company is looking to dump most of the high priced talent, although at press time, nobody, with the exception of Roddy Piper, whose situation is up in the air due to legal reasons, has even been approached about either a buy-out or being let go.

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