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August 14, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Takayama paralyzed, WWE financials examined, tons more


In news that has been kept secretive in Japan until the past week, Yoshihiro Takayama, 50, one of the biggest names in Japanese pro wrestling and MMA circles of the past two decades, has been paralyzed from the neck down for the past three months.

Takayama’s injury, described a cervical spinal cord injury due to degenerative cervical spondytosis, took place at a 5/4 match in Osaka for the DDT promotion where, after going for a simple sunset flip in his match with Yasu Urano, he landed on his head and was motionless. The match, which he was supposed to win to set up a challenge for the KO-D singles belt, the top title in the promotion, was stopped immediately and he was rushed to the hospital.

It was only said at the time that he would be out of action for some time and that he and Danshoku Dino would have to vacate their tag team titles.

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