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August 16, 2021 Observer Newsletter: More NXT cuts, Dominic DeNucci passes away


Dominic DeNucci, one of pro wrestling’s major stars of the 1960s and the biggest long-term drawing card in the history of Jim Barnett’s World Championship Wrestling promotion in Australia, passed away on 8/11 at the age of 89.

Born Dominic DeNucciaroni on January 23, 1932, he had gotten his first big break in a tag team with Ronnie Etchison in Stampede Wrestling in 1963 and made his name by drawing big crowds pushed as an Italian superstar in 1964 opposite Ray Stevens at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, including a run as United States champion.

When Barnett opened up World Championship Wrestling, with national television in Australia in 1964, he used DeNucci as his top babyface, feuding with the likes of Killer Kowalski and Stevens. The territory opened on fire, as over the first year, they averaged 9,000 paid weekly at Sydney Stadium and the top stars like DeNucci were the highest paid wrestlers in the world of that era.

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