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August 20, 2001 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: 5 members inducted into the Hall of Fame, more


Five new members were named this week to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in a combination of voting and those named as overlooked historical figures of the past.

No wrestlers from the U.S./Canada region were named, or even came close in the election that saw two legendary and still active wrestlers from Mexico barely squeak in along with a former Japanese womens wrestling superstar, whose inclusion literally came down to the final ballot.

In all cases the results would likely be considered mild surprises as the three newcomers voted in, Lizmark (Juan Banos Sr.), El Satanico (Daniel Lopez) and Bull Nakano (Keiko Nakano) have been on the ballot in the past, and in previous elections, none came close to being voted in.

Also added, largely due to being overlooked in the past, are Mexican wrestling legends Black Shadow (Alejandro Cruz) and the most famous trainer of wrestlers in Mexico, Diablo Velasco (Cuauhtemoc Velasco).

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