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August 23, 1999 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WCW Road Wild review, NJPW G1 Climax results, plus tons more


Steve Austin has become the subject of a lot of talk in the past week, with his various injuries, his probable, maybe almost assured dropping of the WWF title at SummerSlam and stories regarding him becoming harder to deal with.
In addition, Austin has signed to become a regular for five consecutive episodes early next season on the CBS TV show "Nash Bridges" to reprise his Jake Cage character. The episodes will start the final week of October, and of course be part of the important November sweeps. Austin appeared on two episodes of the show last season playing the recurring role as a renegade cop, with the first episode leading Nash Bridges to its best finish ever in the Neilsen Prime time ratings. His major ratings magic somewhat wore off for the second appearance, which drew a rating slightly above what the show normally averaged.

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