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August 28, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Hall of Fame issue


In our largest one year inclusion in history, seven new members were named to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in a balloting of performers, front office people, reports, historians and some well known wrestling experts.

Four of the newcomers were voted on by the largest voting panel to date and three others were chosen largely by lobbying from historians providing research as to why they clearly belonged.

Voted in were two wrestlers who have come very close in recent elections, Mick Foley, who came three votes shy last year, and Shinya Hashimoto, who came one vote shy last year, along with two others voted in on their first eligible ballot, Steve Austin and in something of a mild surprise, Akira Hokuto.

Foley, who already had strong credentials last year, only added to his resume over the past 12 months.

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