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August 6, 2001 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WCW purchase price revealed


The actual purchase price of World Championship Wrestling from Time Warner was $2.5 million according to figures released this week by WWFE in its annual Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

Much of the material in the report just broke down in more detail the previous annual earnings report released by the company (7/9 Observer, which reported the total expense of the purchase at less than $4.5 million). But in breaking things down into more detail, WWFE listed $2.5 million at the purchase price for the trademarks, some contracts and videotape library of WCW and another $1.8 million in costs to the company in the negotiations.

The WWF actually spent less money on buying their rivals than the $2.9 million it spent on an NHRA race car or the money it spent annually just for the travel of the inner circle to and from television tapings in the private jet.

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