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August 6, 2018 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: The deaths of Brian Lawler, Nikolai Volkoff, and Brickhouse Brown


Brian Christopher Lawler, the much-troubled son of Jerry Lawler, and a one-time major regional star in his own right, passed away on 7/29 after what police believe was a suicide while in prison.

Lawler was found hanging in his cell at the Hardeman County Jail. Corrections officer administered CPR until paramedics arrived. He was transported to Regional One Medical Center in Memphis. He was declared brain dead at the hospital, but kept on life support so his father, who was in Raleigh, NC for a Comic Con, could rush back and say goodbye to him.

Born January 10, 1972, Lawler was 46.

Lawler, because of his one-time celebrity status, was placed in a cell by himself and Hardeman County Sheriff John Doolen said that they had no indication he was suicidal.

Lawler had been in prison since 7/7 when he was arrested for a third DUI violation and evading police, which was also a probation violation.

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