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August 7, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WWE second quarter earnings, UFC 214, more


We’ll have the complete WWE business rundown in next week’s issue but the second quarter saw the company set a record for revenue with $214,586,000 and finish the quarter with $5,085,000 in profits.

The same WrestleMania quarter last year did $198,994,000 in revenue and $862,000 in profits.

The profit couldn’t cover the dividend of $9,174,500.

Wall Street didn’t react strongly either way to the news, as at press time the company stock price was at $21.05 per share, giving the company a $1.61 billion market value, roughly the same level it’s been at for months.

The company’s biggest growth and profit center is television rights fees, which accounted for $31,824,000 in profits this quarter while the network segment, which includes PPV, accounted for $2,997,000. House shows, which included everything associated with WrestleMania week, were $21,606,000. The network had actually lost $5,656,000 during the second quarter of last year and house show profits as well as merchandise profits were higher last year due to WrestleMania being in a larger stadium. 

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