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August 9, 2021 Observer Newsletter: Bobby Eaton & The Assassin pass away, WWE releases Bray Wyatt


Robert Lee Eaton, one of the nicest guys and best performers inside the ropes in pro wrestling history, passed away on 8/4 at the age of 62.

Best known as Beautiful Bobby Eaton of the Midnight Express, Eaton was noted as a tag team specialist, but he was just as adept at singles wrestling when his number was called.

Eaton was one of the most complete and versatile performers inside the ring in history. His bumps, selling and carrying a match was equal to the best world champions. His offense was flawless, with some of the best timing, flying, high spots and punches that you would ever see. The Midnight Express versions with both Dennis Condrey and Stan Lane would have to rank near the top of any reputable list of the greatest tag teams of all-time.

His weaknesses were all outside the ring. He had the long bleached blond hair and wore nice ring jackets, so he did present himself like a star. But he was otherwise normal looking. He didn’t appear to be much into weight training or steroids in an area when that was a major part of the business, so his body, while he had enough size to be credible against all but the biggest guys, was below par for the time. He was very nice, but also shy, which didn’t translate well to interviews.

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