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December 10, 2001 Observer Newsletter: WWF contemplating brand split


The World Wrestling Federation has set another target date to split into two supposed rival promotions, this time being 1/7, the date of a live Raw in Madison Square Garden.

This has been a constant story of dates being set and changes being made, literally since the buying of the remnants of World Championship Wrestling in late March. WWF has been, since that time, through so many dates and so many plans that even though inside the company aren't taking this target date as anything serious, with most feeling it's 50-50 whether it will take place or not.

Many of the reasons for splitting have already been squandered with the destruction of the brand name of WCW, as well as whatever potential the brand name of ECW could have had, due to booking based on ego instead of business that has left everyone perplexed that it could have happened. It's been quite a year for the company, which for all its faults, has remained at a level ahead of the most profitable organizations in the history of this industry even while business has constricted.

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