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December 13, 2004 Observer Newsletter: Paul Heyman off WWE writing team, Turning Point recap


Paul Heyman's three months on the WWE main creative team ended on 12/3, which, depending on one's position regarding Heyman, became the biggest internal WWE news of the week for a number of reasons.

Heyman being dropped from the team wasn't expected by most wrestlers, a lot of whom were very negative about it. In hindsight, it was noted to me that Ranjan Chhibber, a writers' assistant who is close to Heyman (he was on a three month trial basis and has since given notice in the past week or so, claiming a family situation), had mentioned to several Smackdown stars two days earlier that he expected some fireworks imminently on the writing team, and strongly praised Heyman to those people ahead of the other writers. He didn't hint Heyman would be gone, but in hindsight, those who talked with him said it was now what they thought he meant and knew based on what he was saying.

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