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December 16, 2002 Observer Newsletter: Life and career of Mr. Wrestling Tim Woods, more


Although the time he spent as a full-time wrestler in Georgia was relatively short, the legend of Mr. Wrestling, Tim Woods, his greatest successes and most famous matches and feuds were in that state.

It was one of those booking ideas that worked to perfection. Leo Garibaldi was the booker in Georgia in 1967 and wanted to build the territory around the gimmick of Mr. Wrestling, who had achieved some notoriety when he turned into a drawing card for promoter Joe Dusek’s Nebraska promotion.

Dusek came up with the concept of Mr. Wrestling in 1965, with the white trunks, white boots and all white mask, as the technical wrestling marvel. Dusek a few years earlier had huge success with another former college wrestler, Big Bill Miller, putting him under the mask as the black-clad Dr. X in 1959 and making him his local world champion.

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