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December 18, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WWF Armageddon reviewed plus tons of news


The WWF's final PPV event of its biggest year was sold as a one match card, and even after buying the show, most of the first two hours of the show came across more like an ad to buy a show already purchased. After a flat undercard, where nothing was terribly bad but nothing was particularly good, that dragged at times because of too much hype that would have best been served being on Sunday Night Heat, the main event finally took place.

As good as anyone's expectations of the Hell in the Cell match with six-men, this turned out much better, to the point it may have been the WWF's best match of a year that had a lot of strong PPV main events. While the match patterning is getting similar (Wrestler A does finisher on B and C saves, then D does finisher on C and A saves, etc.) in these multiple man matches, the wrestlers are getting enough experience that the usual clusters that resulted from them are no longer the case.

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