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December 23, 2002 Observer Newsletter: WWE Armageddon, Goldberg/WWE talks


An interview with Rock on a Dallas radio station on 12/14 revealed that WWE is planning a Rock vs. Bill Goldberg match for Wrestlemania.

As mentioned last week, WWE officials have been more aggressive than ever before in dealings with Goldberg. The current plan and offer for Goldberg has not been finalized. The sides are closer in negotiations than they have ever been in history, would be for a huge guarantee to work two matches with Rock, the first at Wrestlemania on 3/30 in Seattle’s Safeco Field and a rematch at Backlash on 4/27, presumably a situation where each wrestler would get one win, which would alleviate problems with finishes on both sides.

The funny thing is, Wrestlemania is probably the worst time possible for it to be financially worth while to do the match. A Wrestlemania show with all the major names in big programs, even in a down time, just because of the name and tradition of the show, will probably do somewhere around 750,000 buys.

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