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December 23, 2019 Observer Newsletter: TLC and Final Battle reviews, more


The WWE’s TLC show started out strong, but fell flat and ended up as one of the company’s weakest big show offerings of the year.

The big story coming out of the show was an injury to Kairi Sane in the main event. It’s not clear exactly what happened but at some point she was knocked loopy. It may have been from an exploder suplex on the floor by Charlotte Flair, because there was an open spot near the barricade that didn’t have a mat and Sane hit her head on the floor. It could have happened earlier as a TLC match carries higher than usual risks, and this match featured throwing chairs. Sane at one point was throwing a chair into the ring, and it didn’t clear the top rope and bounced back and hit her. She was also hit when chairs were being thrown around.

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