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December 27, 2021 Observer Newsletter: COVID hits pro wrestling again, Corporal Kirchner passes away


The latest COVID spread through the Delta and Omicron variant leading to new cases that caused delays and changes to the NFL, NHL (which paused its season this past week until after Christmas) and NBA schedule this past week have also involved pro wrestling.

The most notable news is that with the province of Quebec ordering a shutdown due to rising numbers, and all entertainment events not being allowed to have spectators, the WWE canceled its 12/30 house show in Laval, Quebec at the Place Bell Arena. WWE rescheduled the date for 3/6 and tickets for 12/30, which had upwards of 6,000 tickets out, would be moved to that date.

The 12/29 show in Toronto is still on, although they have to somehow cut back on the 7,178 tickets that were out down to a maximum of 5,000 in the building. All entertainment events in Ontario in indoor buildings larger than 1,000 capacity have to cut down to 50 percent capacity.

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