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December 31, 2018 Observer Newsletter: Jon Jones testing controversy, more


On 12/20, USADA informed the UFC and the Nevada State Athletic Commission that Jon Jones had tested positive for the steroid Turinabol in a surprise test on 12/9.

This set into motion a series of crazy things, misleading statements and outright deceptions.

Under normal circumstances, Jones positive test, which would be his third drug test failure (the failed cocaine test in 2014 doesn’t count against him because it was out of competition) would mean an eight-year suspension.

An eight-year suspension would be it for Jones. While he probably could still come back, his prime would be long past. USADA already handed Jones his break, cutting down what by its bylaws should have been a four-year suspension.

However, USADA ruled that the Turinabol he tested positive for was residuals of the same Turinabol that he tested positive for in a July 28, 2017, test, which he was already punished for.

The Nevada commission felt that they couldn’t clear him without at least a hearing, and because it was Christmas weekend, most of the commission was out of town. The next day, the UFC started looking at moving the show from the T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas to either California or Texas, as both commissions stated they would allow the Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson main event for the light heavyweight title.

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