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December 5, 2016 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame with 4 inductees


The Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame welcomes four new members in the class of 2016, with Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan, Gene Okerlund and Sting being voted in, and 19th century pioneer James McLaughlin, generally considered the first American pro wrestling champion, also being added.

To get into the Hall of Fame, you have to get 60 percent of the vote from various geographical regions. If a wrestler fails to get elected 15 years after being put on the ballot, they must garner 50 percent of the votes or be removed from the ballot. A person who gets less than 10 percent of the vote any year is eliminated from the ballot the next year.

A wrestler is eligible for the ballot 15 years after the start of their major league career, or turns 35 and has been an active pro wrestler for at least ten years.

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