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December 6, 2001 Observer Newsletter: WWF getting more risque, Nagata vs. Cro Cop, more


In perhaps the most interesting booking decision and risk of a current and future superstar of this or any other year, it was announced this past week that Yuji Nagata of New Japan Pro Wrestling would be facing Mirko Cro Cop of K-1 on 12/31 in what may be the main event of a show that will be carried live on national television.

The Nagata-Cro Cop match has been reported on in many Japanese newspapers, although neither New Japan, K-1, Antonio Inoki or Pride has officially announced the match. The only public comment from Nagata is that he said he would do the Inoki show if he got a match with Cro Cop, but wasn't interested in doing the show against anyone else. If the match is legitimate, and there is no way ahead of time of knowing whether it will be or not, this would be the biggest risk a pro wrestling organization has truly made with one of its top wrestlers.

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