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December 8, 2003 Wrestling Observer: Death of Moondog Spot, Mick Foley WWE return


It was supposed to be Jerry Lawler’s public birthday party and a night of 80s glory days nostalgia for Memphis wrestling fans on 11/29 at the Mid South Coliseum. It turned into anything but fun when Larry Booker, who had worked main events in the building on-and-off for about two decades, passed away from a massive heart attack suffered during a match that he, in another lifetime, helped put on the wrestling map.

Booker, who gained his first wrestling fame as Larry Latham of a tag team called The Blond Bombers, was far better known as Moondog Spot, a role he lucked into in 1981 when he walked into WWF as tag team champion on the recommendation of Andre the Giant.

Booker was 51. He had been wrestling for about 28 years, in recent years still consistently working on small independent shows in Tennessee.  Unbeknownst to all but his closest friends and family members, most of whom were at the show, he had been a diabetic for the past three or four years.

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