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February 1, 2021 Observer Newsletter: WWE Network-NBCU Peacock deal


The WWE reached a landmark deal announced on 1/25 that the WWE Network as we knew it in the U.S. is no more, and will instead be part of NBC’s Peacock Network.

The Peacock Network purchased the U.S. rights to the WWE Network for what was believed to have been slightly more than $200 million per year over five years.

This was a WWE President Nick Khan deal and it’s a positive for both WWE and its fans. It was also an admission that the WWE Network, as it stood, was never going to reach its intended targets, but the company ended up coming out stronger financially with the deal.

A deal had been talked about for months, although the nature of the entire network being moved over surprised a lot of people. While those working at the WWE Network itself were blindsided, we do know that the top of the top brass at the USA Network were aware of these talks months ago.

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